Picture of our empty, main production studio. Renovated factory space, the unit was stripped down to its 100 year old self. Exposed wooden floors, tin sealings, bricks. Etc. Dank organic production studio.


Our studio that is dedicated to producing only organic body care products is located at 1501. E Berry St in Fort Wayne, IN in the old Wayne Candies factory (see below for more information). As an USDA Organic facility we have implemented and adhere to a strict Organic Critical Control Points program that ensures the organic integrity of our products throughout their life cycle. We only make certified organic products. Our studio is inspected on an annual basis and is subject to random, unannounced inspections by agents of the USDA.

Restaurant Grade Facilities

All of our ingredients are edible so we decided to run our production studio like a high-end restaurant kitchen. We follow all the typical restaurant protocol plus some. We always use gloves while making and handling your organic body care products to ensure they remain pure. We strive to use only NSF certified equipment. Additionally, everything is BPA-free. We believe that using the finest, 100% natural ingredients, proper tools and food grade equipment achieves a higher level of craftsmanship which means that we are able to provide you with a truly artisanal product.

Vegan Certified

Our studio is a meat, dairy and egg free zone much to the chagrin of some of our non-vegan staff members. We are owned and founded by a vegan so he has banned all non vegan ingredients, food stuffs from inside our studios. The tyrant makes even his business partner, aka as his mother, store and eat her non-vegan meals outside of our studio spaces.


Our studio is completely gluten free. None of our ingredients contain gluten therefore none of our equipment is ever cross contaminated.

Certified Green

We have an on going commitment to being a Green company. We take pride in conversing energy, recycling, reusing and minimizing waste. We only use 100% Natural cleaning supplies. We utilize reusable bamboo towels and many other green products in our green certified production studio.

Exterior Shot of 1501 E. Berry St. Old, faded billboard on east side of building promoting Bun candies.


About the building

We have three adjoining studios in an old candy factory! 1501 E. Berry St was home to Wayne Candies makers of Bun candy. Today the building is being renovated in phases to provide affordable, unique spaces to emerging businesses. Our studios (#1-#4 are windows for two of the studios) have been stripped down to the original beams, wooden floor and brick.

Today it is home to Summit City Brewerks, Berry St Records (a full-on, proper recording studio!), Anchor Films, House of Public Notice, Likable Art & Maeve Vintage (they let us use the two exterior shots that they took this past winter, Thanks neighbors!).


Exterior shot of our old two story brick building. Our organic body care production studio is located here at 1501 E. Berry St. Fort Wayne, IN