The Deodorant King of Chicago and Debbie.  They are the founders of North Coast Organics that make certified organic deodorant.


Our story started with me (the son part of a mum/son team), Nathan aka The Deodorant King of Chicago, searching for a truly organic deodorant that could withstand a long bike commute in the hot, humid Chicago summer. After a fruitless search, I combined my passion for the culinary arts and background in herbalism & aromatherapy to create my own deodorant that actually works.  Some friends suggested that I sell it, so I did! I spent a year developing the original product and we dropped it in late summer 2012.

Straight after launch I enlisted the help of my mother, Debbie, to help make the deodorant.  Debbie is ace in the kitchen and super crafty, so I was not surprised that she dived right into production. Together my mom and I have been able to take our products from our first and favorite retailer, The Dill Pickle Food Co-Op (member #512), to hundreds of stores across the nation including Whole Foods in 10 states!

Our family is working hard to bring the highest quality, small batch organic body products to your family. Our certified organic products are made from minimal, all natural edible ingredients.  All of our products are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, egg free, cruelty-free, BPA free, paraben free and sulfate free.  We believe that the safest body care products contain only 100% natural ingredients.

Thank-you for taking the time to check out our site! – Nathan


We believe in only making certified organic, certified cruelty-free body care products by hand in small batches from 100% natural, vegan ingredients that are ethically sourced.